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Playing Up Policy

Playing Up Policy


In order for a player to be considered to play up, please follow the following protocol:

  • Parent of player should speak to the head coach for their opinion.
  • Coach should contact the Recreational Director if the coach agrees they should play up.
  • Player may have to be observed by the Recreational Director for final approval.

Playing up and placing players are based on these factors in order:

  1. Birth Date
  2. Grade Level (School grade supersedes age)
  3. Safety (Size of player)
  4. Skill Level (Is Holding them back detrimental to their development). If a player is dominating at the own age group, then it might be recommended that she play up or play in one of our competitive programs. If they are not dominating, then they do not need to play up.
  5.  Dominating is defined as taking over the game, scoring 75% of their team's goals and they are finding it very easy to get the ball, beating every player and scoring.
Invalid Reasons:
We will not move players up just because a coach requests or freezes them.    
We will not play players up for convenience or to play with a sibling.
We will not allow a player to play up because they always have in the past.  Each case has to be approved by our Rec Director.

We have to consider the safety of the players first.  Playing up from U10 to U12, U12 to U14 and U14 to U16 all have huge challenges when it comes to the growth of players physically, socially and from a cognitive aspect. Players in this age group hit their peak growth spurts at different stages so we could have a player who is 2 years younger and also 5-8 inches smaller.  The bone density also changes dramatically at this age group.


If you have any questions about this policy, please contact our Rec Director who has final say on all decisions to play up.
Scotty Bearden at [email protected]