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U5 - U7 Pre-Academy

Pre-Academy General Information

Available for U5 - U7 year old boys and girls. Please click HERE for an age group chart.

Spring 2024 Assessment Day Schedule: 

Wednesday, Jan 24th, 2023, 6:00PM-6:45PM @ Central Park Soccer Field #2A

(Note: Dates, Times, Location are subject to change based on weather conditions)

For general information about the Assessment Day, please click HERE.

Unable to Attend or Missed assessments?
Contact Scotty Bearden, the Pre-Academy Director at
[email protected] to schedule an individual
assessment for your child.


SSA Pre Academy is a program for soccer players that offers an alternate developmental pathway to our traditional Recreational program. It aims to accelerate the technical and tactical development of players looking to participate in the U8-U12 academy program and the 13U and older Select program. 

SSA Pre Academy is a seasonal program designed for the passionate, motivated, and advanced U5-U7 player who fosters the desire to be challenged in every aspect of their game by training in a professional environment with professional coaches and alongside like-minded players. Through an exclusive SSA curriculum, players are provided the tools to help accelerate their technical and tactical development to continue to take their game to the next level. In an effort to maximize player development, players are maintained in training groups and play non-results-oriented games. Players may also have the chance to represent their club when playing neighboring clubs. 

SSA Pre Academy allows players to participate on a season-to-season basis, permitting players to register for one season without committing to a full year. This provides a chance for those players who turn 5 during a season to enter the program the following season, and those that turn 7 a chance to move up and join the Academy program should this be in the best interests of the player.


To help bridge the gap between Recreational soccer and U8 Academy soccer. A more skills-development environment is created for players who love the game where individual player development is paramount to master key soccer techniques and concepts that are required at the higher levels of play. This program allows players to experience an academy soccer environment while preparing players and parents for the next step of the soccer process, and offers an alternate development path to our traditional Recreational program for players in the U5 through U7 age groups.

For Whom

SSA Pre Academy is available to all Recreational boys and girls who are in the U5-U7 age groups. It is strongly recommended that players participate in a minimum of one season of SSA Recreational soccer, and have at least one full year of organized soccer experience on a team before considering this program. Interested players that are committed to the goal of development will be considered for this program and placed with the best interests of the player in mind. This program will have limited spaces to ensure a superior soccer environment is maintained.


Coaching staff consists of SSA Pre-Academy Director with assistance given by experienced assistant coaches.


Through our Pre-Academy curriculum, our coaching staff will not only educate the players about the game, but give players and parents a view of the skills and techniques necessary for long term soccer success. Training topics will focus on dribbling, receiving, passing, ball striking, and principles of attacking and defending in a 1v1 up to a 5v5 situation, as well as a continued effort to expand each players own coordination, balance, body movement and confidence.



• SSA Pre Academy will consist of a 10-12 week season

• There will be 2 training sessions per week*

• 1-2 games per team at the weekend*

Training Session Structure:

• Sessions are one hour and 15 minutes in duration

• Players all train as a group (boys and/or girls)

Game Format (vs. In-House):

• Players are split into teams and play multiple games against each other

• Each week players will be placed on different teams

• 5v5 (GK and four players)

• 4x12 minute quarters per game

Game Format (vs. other soccer clubs):

• 1-2 times in the season, SSA Pre-Academy may travel or host a neighboring club

• Players will be spilt into teams as determined by coaching staff

• Playing format may change (e.g., GK and five players) 

*Activities are subject to the effects of weather and other factors outside of the control of the club and cannot be guaranteed 

Program Information

Program Length: 10-12 weeks
Ball Size: 3
Coaches: SSA Coaching Staff
Practice Sessions Per Week: 2*
Practice Days: Mondays, Wednesdays
Practice Time: 5:45pm-7:00pm
Practice Location: Central Park
Game Schedule: Saturdays 9am-6:00pm, Sundays 1:00pm-6:00pm
Game Format (in-house): 5v5 (including GK)
Game Duration: 4x12 minute quarters
Field Size: approx. 30 x 40 yards 

* Activities are subject to the effects of weather and other factors outside of the control of the club and cannot be guaranteed           

Schedule Information

Spring Season Schedule:
Assessment Days: TBD (January/February)
Practices Begin: Late February
Games Begin: 1st or 2nd Weekend in March
Season Ends: Early to Mid-May

Fall Season Schedule:
Assessment Days: Mid to Late July
Practices Begin: Late August 
Games Begin: 1st or 2nd Weekend in Sept
Season Ends:  Early to Mid-November

* SSA Pre-Academy is an invite-only program. Therefore, players wishing to participate are required to register and attend Pre-Academy Assessment Days to provide an opportunity for the club to determine a player’s suitability for the program.

Fee and Uniform Information  

Fee Information

• Cost: CLICK HERE. Includes GSSA registration and insurance fees, field maintenance, league administration, professional training and coaching, and participation award for each player at the conclusion of the season.


In keeping with the majority of youth soccer organizations, our usual policy is no refunds of membership/registration fees paid, either in part or in whole, except in considering the situation where a player experiences a long-term injury. Given the unprecedented situation with Covid-19 though, this policy will be adjusted for the 2020/21 season year to allow for a prorated amount for weeks not completed to be returned to the member in the form of a refund should a ‘shutdown’ be mandated due to Covid-19.

Uniform Information

• Pre-Academy Uniform:  click here for details

• All players are required to purchase a uniform kit.